What Can I Buy With Bitcoin

You may be the proud owner of a Bitcoin; do you know what you could actually purchase with it? The value of one Bitcoin has spiraled from $10,000 in early 2020 to $50,000 in 2021. Big companies like IBM and Square are exploring the blockchain technology on which the Bitcoin is founded to design improved and better digital payment systems. You will be amazed to learn of the variety of things that you could buy with Bitcoins, ranging from apparels and pizzas to owning a Tesla and real estate.

Things You Can Consider Buying With The Bitcoin:

  • Online Gift Cards: While retailers like Best Buy and Amazon are yet to accept Bitcoin payments, you can use your Bitcoins to buy stud through third-party services. For instance, eGifter allows you to use BTC for buying gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Uber, and Walmart. You can use Purse, a third-party payment provider, for buying Amazon products.
  • Video Games: You can easily buy video games with Bitcoins; Microsoft has accepted BTC as a payment option for buying games, apps, and digital content from Xbox games, Windows phone, Xbox Music, etc. Both Playstation and Xbox accept Bitcoin payments directly for their subscriptions and games, while the well-known digital game bundle provider, Humble Bundle, accepts BTC for its products and packages.
  • Web Services: These can be bought using Bitcoins; for instance, MEGA cloud services take payments in Bitcoins. If you plan to create a website you can even consider buying domain names with Bitcoins. Registrars like Domains 4 Bitcoins, Namecheap, and Monovm accept BTC payments for top-tier domains. Some even let you buy premium domains through their sites directly using Bitcoins. You can even buy web hosting, VPS, and private services using Bitcoins from vendors like Coin. Host, Server Room, and Clouviper.
  • Telecom Services: AT & T was the first US telecom provider to take crypto payments. You can avail of online bill payment solutions via BitPay.
  • Travel: Bitcoin payments have become common for hotel bookings all across the world. Additionally, you will find many apps in iOS and Android stores that let you buy airline tickets through converting BTC into fiat currency. Norwegian Air, the biggest Scandinavian budget airlines company, reportedly has plans to go ahead with this kind of ticket payment system.
  • Food: You can now buy food from Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, and other popular restaurant chains with Bitcoins.
  • Tesla: The electronic car manufacturer Tesla has invested heavily into the Bitcoin recently and declared that it would take Bitcoin payments for its services and products. In March 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared that the BTC payment option as available on its website.
  • Donations: You can use Bitcoins for making donations. For instance, Wikimedia Foundation, responsible for hosting websites like Wikipedia, accepts Bitcoin donations via BitPay and then converts this into USD.
  • Gold: Did you know that you can actually use Bitcoins, popularly called “digital gold”, to buy physical gold? Both the European Mint and Bitgild allow customers to sped BTC for gold as coins or bars.

  • Artwork: It is now possible to buy artwork with Bitcoins; Singulart is an example of an online artwork store that provides worldwide shipping and takes BTC payments.
  • Real Estate: In 2017 Bitcoin was used for the first time to purchase a property worth 350,000 pounds in Essex, UK. While buying homes with Bitcoins may seem preposterous, today it is a possibility with an increase in numbers of crypto-specific realtors. For instance, Bithome is a Swiss consulting company offering multiple properties in the US, Europe, and Asia for sale with Bitcoins.